Thursday, November 30, 2017

Martin Luther King...Crafts and Activities!

Using two special pieces of literature students will explore the life of Martin Luther King and relate to the values and dreams of his using the Crayon Box that Talked as a springboard.

This adorable craft can be a page topper or used independently.

There is lots of informational text ideal for guided reading.

The text is followed by graphic organizers designed to collect information.

Vocabulary cards are colorful and available for posting.
Word work includes making words, a word search, and syllables.

Activities support the idea of peaceful and violent as well as thanking Dr. King for the difference he made to improve our world.

There is a time line and a reading for detail ideal for formative assessment.

This activity relate specifically to the literature suggestion.
Final write pages to showcase student work.

I love using this book when discussing Martin Luther King.
It is perfect for sharing the importance of kindness and positive traits.

Students will explore and make predictions about having one color only!

They will discuss the difference if all "colors" work together.

They work with Acts of Kindness.

Word work focuses on ABC order, Syllables, and Parts of Speech.


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