Sunday, November 5, 2017

Gingerbread Fun!!

There are so many wonderful activities here to provide a fun filled week of Gingerbread activities!!

Three cute Gingerbread crafts for Cowboy, Girl, Boy.

Collect data on making a gingerbread house or cookie!
Write about each of them.
Some people use frosting to hold the graham cracker pieces on but I hot glued mine ahead of time.
And this rolled cookie dough is so easy for the cut out cookies!!

Send a note home to parents asking for donations and then create a gingerbread cookie and a gingerbread house.

This mini book is fun for the class to, groups, individually.
Pictures for retelling.

Follow up activities for the gingerbread story.

I love the sequencing page and the inventing a new story.

There are many gingerbread stories.
Each is followed by activities for the class to complete.

Students will write about how to make cookies and about their opinion.

Word work is included for your literacy center.

I LOVE this tasting activity and after the students collect data.

Math includes and addition and a subtraction game.

This MAPPING activity is so much fun and the students can retell the story as they map.

And my favorite is mailing Gingerbread Friends from around the US and getting replies from people.

This activity is for a center.  Students sort events and match them to the story.


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