Saturday, November 4, 2017

Gingerbread Day!

I just LOVE making Gingerbread cookies with the class.
I purchase the dough already prepared by Pillsbury, roll it out and allow the class to cut them out!
We have an oven at school so we bake them right there.
Then decorate.
You will enjoy watching this Jan Brett Video with your class as she creates Gingerbread Babies.

And look at these adorable Gingerbread crafts. You choose boy or girl.

The class can learn about Gingerbread and read a mini book about the Gingerbread Man.

There are activities to follow the story:
What questions would you ask the Gingerbread Man?
Sequence the story.
ABC Order using vocabulary.

Write about the Gingerbread Man with a cute little Gingerbread page topper.
Place the game in your math center.
Roll, add, and help the Gingerbread man find their way home.

There are so many wonderful Gingerbread stories and this packet is filled with comprehension activities to accompany each story.

Students can look at characters and snack on a Gingerbread Cookie.

There is no shortage of word work for you literacy center.

The packet ends with Hansel and Gretel.
A mini book, cause and effect, and other activities your class will enjoy!


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