Saturday, November 25, 2017

Chinese New Year February 16th

February 16th is the celebration of Chinese New Year!  
This is an ideal time for making comparisons and using literature for reading, writing, and word work strategies!

Delightful stories for reading and completing comprehension activities.
The Red Envelope is ideal for practicing math activities. (money)

I love the craft that can be used to decorate your classroom and the colorful vocabulary for posting.

There are two different forms of informational text which can be used for guided reading.

Folowing the informational text you may use the "reading for detail" for formative assessment.
There is also a graphic organizer to record details.

Word work includes a making words and a word search.

Finally there is a sensory activity as well as an activity for finding traditions.

Final write pages and a class cover for student entries are included.


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