Sunday, August 31, 2014

Focus Walls!

With our new teacher evaluations I am actively trying to improve my room for walk throughs.  I do NOT want a "cluttered" room where there is information everywhere.  I am distracted by rooms like that and I think many of the students we work with are too so... I am dedicating two bulletin boards for FOCUS WALLS.  They will have key information we are learning.That now means I have a board for reading focus, a board for math focus, a board for word work focus, and a board for writing.  The writing board is now under construction.
This is my math focus board.  I am addind my I can for the week to it and our big idea for the week.
At the present this is my math and reading vocabulary, big idea, essential question, and I can statements.
Math is going onto Math Counts.
Once I move my math focus to math counts I can put my CAFE on the Reading Focus Board.
This is then going to become my writing focus board.
Finally my word work area.  Activities will relate to the key skill presented for the week.
So this is the before.  Next week I will have the after BUT if you are interested I am turning all of these focus boards into kits for you to purchase and they include a "take home" wall for students.
I think you will enjoy them.
Bundles will be ready as I finish the Units.
Here is a sample Math one for Unit One of Math in Focus.
Even if you do not use Math in Focus it contains tools and games for the center.
This "big idea" is numbers to 10.
Here is a sample Journeys for Lesson One, Unit One.
I am excited.  They fit perfect with the Journeys full packet.
So stay tuned next week for the changes in my boards.
Here is a sample of the math focus for kiddos.
Here is a sample of the reading focus for kiddos.
Enjoy your day off tomorrow!!


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