Saturday, August 23, 2014

LAST First Week of School!

I seem to just be enjoying every minute of being in the classroom.  Maybe because I know it is the final first week of school I will experience in this classroom.
We spent a day with First Day Jitters and then another with Froggy Goes To School.
After a day with all of these activities we sent a note to the parents with all of us smiling letting them know we may have had the "jitters" but after a day in first grade we think it is GREAT!  The parents loved the email and the photo.

After the first day we enjoyed a day with Froggy.  Their crafts turned out adorable!!  They are hanging in the classroom.  
Following the story we went on a school scavenger hunt with Froggy.  He left clues and we followed them.  They led back to our lockers and classroom where he left us a package of cookies.

We found a partner, snacked on our cookies, and played an odd and even game.
Overall the perfect ending to the first week.
I also worked hard to get our Focus Wall ready for Monday when we begin our Journeys What is a Pal?
What do you think?

And here is the packet that I created them with.


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