Thursday, August 7, 2014

Give Yourself a Hand!

A couple weeks ago I shared with you my "attention getters" and "celebrations" with a link to download them!

Today I am going to share may favorite.
Visit any party store.  In packs you can purchase two different size "clappers" and an extra large one!
I keep the large one up in the front of the room.
I keep the middle size ones near each of the 4 corners of the room.
On Fridays each child gets to pull out their small "clapper"!
When someone does something I think they need praise for we...Give Them A Hand!
When we practice spelling words and a word is spelled correctly we ...Give Them A Hand!
It is so much fun and the kiddos get a kick out of it.
At first I thought they would play with them too much but...once they found out it would me mine if misused they were amazing.  
On Fridays if the kiddos think someone deserves a "hand" they raise their hand and share.  It is amazing how hard the kiddos work to "Get A Hand"!  Try it...You'll like it!!


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