Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hi ho, hi's back to school we go!

Long three days in the classroom but I think I may have found success.

Welcome to my room!  Almost ready for open house.

The view out the window.  Yep a parking lot but the light that comes into the room is wonderful!
My reading and math station for group work.
My chair for reading.  See the wagon next to it?  That holds my supplise needed for the daily story.
Buckets to collect class supplies.
Daily Five Rotation Chart waiting for class pictures.
My helper charts for daily leaders.
Word Wall Words and weekly poem.  Love my little magnet picture frames for graphing.
My desk which is used to collect papers...LOL I never sit there.
Word work, writing, computers!
 Beanies placed on to when student needs support.
 Cards can be removed for ABC order, spelling, grouping.
Student pictures will go here.
Oh and don't miss my piles of curriculum yet to be sorted!
Class turtles go in the corner.  I will bring them next week.
Bithdays will go on here.
 Student handbook, classroom assignment for open house, and It's Going to Be A "poppin" Good Year!

Door as student's enter.
Name tags for lockers and desk match.
I would so love to paint those ugly green lockers!
First Day Story and Craft

 These will hang outside the classroom after the first day.

Send me a link to your blogs so I can visit some of your classrooms!!


  1. Your room looks fantastic! You are so organized and I can feel the warmth that your students must feel when they come in. The door is amazing! Have fun at your Open House.