Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Student Folders set to go!

Today I headed into town for some supply shopping for the kiddos and me at Staples.  I name the store because I had an amazing experience.  The gal helping me was terrific and even opened a "teachers account" for me so I could save more than I already was!!  You all know how much money we spend so after $165 I walked out.  Now that included ink cartridges, vellum, bright Astro paper, full sheet Avery labels, and colored paper clips.
For the classroom I purchased polka dot letters to put up for WELCOME and 60 assorted folders for 15 cents each!!  You were only suppose to get 15 per person but she let me make 4 purchases of 15 each.  It was comical!
Here are the end results, and YES you are getting a copy of each!

Don't ask me is habit...but I just love using full page labels to create labels and stickers.  Guess it's the old lady in me.  So here is the folder that will go in each student's desk.

Inside will be a number grid and an activity for them to do if they finish their work early.
Tomorrow I will show you a sample language item.

Next here is the student "take home" folder.
As papers are returned and notes passed out they either go on the RIGHT or LEFT.
Great for directions and helping parents organize key items that need to be looked at.
Not a new idea ... oldie but goodie!

If you just love the sample game I gave you please purchase this.
It is filled with many others all using the basic number grid as the board.
Outstanding for building number sense!!

I wanted to also post some pictures of my summer office.  It is tiny but wait till you see the view.

 This is my computer and printer.  Sitting below is my basket filled with my construction and scrapbook paper.  My husband purchased a big monitor for me to help my tired eyes but I suggest even youthful teachers get this to save on your vision.  To provide more storage I purchased two of the drawer sets.  Each is filled with all the materials I need for creating.  Not bad for saving space.  The room is actually bigger than this but I just wanted to give you an idea of how you can turn a mini space into a perfect creative environment.

And this is my "damnit" doll!
I so appreciate her.  She is never far from my reach.
Each time I make a mistake I give her a WHACK!
Doesn't change the mistake but sure makes me feel better,
And this is what makes it all worth it.  The view, breeze, and sound of people enjoying the lake.
Our dream is to build here as soon as I retire.  Geeze...that is getting really close.


  1. Thanks so much! Such cute labels! Great office and views! I would never want to leave :)

  2. I don't plan to. When I retire next year we are building a home on this lot. Knock down cottage and put up house. Can't wait to show you my office then!! So glad you enjoyed the labels. Michele