Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Welcome back freebie...

Welcome back to your students...
Welcome back to your peers...
My welcome back to you!!
For the past few months I have actively been roaming and watching for sales!
As I visited my favorite spots...$$$ Store, Target, Hobby Lobby, Meijers and others I looked for deals that might be fun for "gifts" for the kiddos.
NONE of these ideas is new but for you I have the labels I made so all you have to do is put the idea together.
Best buy I found.  Crayons by the 100's for way low prices.
Mini notebooks to fill the items.
And right now you can find "SMARTIES" in giant bags for great prices.
So for you this is what I came up with...
Here is a larger picture of all of them.
While I was out I also saw some items of interest.  LOL
The best was a locker "air freshner".  Who knew??
Enjoy your day all!
Raining here so perfect for shopping around.


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