Saturday, August 1, 2015

Classroom Decor...How important is it?

A few years ago I was participating in a workshop.  The speaker was focused on the importance of building effective educational communities prepared to shape youth's minds and lives. (Probably the topic of many...some more helpful than others)  BUT THIS WAS a great event.
As a follow up we walked through the building looking at classrooms.  He shared that he wanted to introduce us to one of the most creative teachers he had ever met. We walked by several adorable classrooms, decorated to the "T".  We thought for sure it would be one of those.  Needless to say those were not the classroom that belonged to the "creative" teacher.
Why do I share this?
 I think sometimes as educators we spend so much time creating a classroom to compete with others, or to look impressive, that we lose sight of what is most important...the "inner" workings...curriculum designed to meet the needs of each child, a warm comfortable place conducive to learning, and an educator enthusiastic about promoting creative challenges and learning.
I also feel that others feel inferior as an educator because their classroom does not excel aes·thet·ic-ly like others in their building.
Now don't get me wrong.
I love a beautiful classroom and spend hours creating what I think is perfect but I never seem to meet my expectations.
Some educators just have a gift for creating amazing decor.
At my building there are classrooms out of "Better Schools and Classrooms"! (AKA Better Homes and Gardens)
I always felt inferior but I just could not compete..
After many years of trying I discovered... it is okay if you are not one of those educators who has a gift for creating and decorating.  It DOES NOT mean you are less than an effective teacher! It DOES NOT mean your students will  have an inferior experience.

TpT had a wonderful article by Kinder Craze.  
It was titled...My Classroom Was Not Ready...
A perfect read for those of us feeling nervous and unable to compete.

Create bulletin boards that DO NOT have to be changed monthly and have meaningful information on them.
Make your classroom a visual learning center.  (Alphabet, Clock, Numbers)
Post classroom rules where they are visual and can be reviewed often especially at the beginning of the year.
Pick a theme.
Be careful not to have so many visuals students will be overwhelmed!
Make your classroom warm and inviting.  Include student pictures and work so they feel a part of it all!!

And finally if you are unable to create it yourself...let Teachers Pay Teachers help you!!
TpT has several packets available on classroom decor.
They are helpful so YOU do not have to take too much of your time designing.
My packet offers a complete classroom theme with name tags, banners, classroom alphabet set, behavior ideas, numbers, and more...all for $5.  You cannot beat that price.  I have kept it LOW to help you create a welcoming classroom in a few simple steps.  185 pages filled with editable materials and decor.  

Here is a sneak peek at something you will like!

How do YOU answer the question? 


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