Sunday, August 2, 2015

Open House

At  our school Open House is held  before school begins.
It gives the kiddos a chance to visit their classroom and put their supplies and other items away.
This is nice, especially for the primary grades but I am puzzled each year with what to have out and ready for the kiddos when they enter since they have not created anything to decorate our room yet.
This year I am greeting students with a pennant on their desk welcoming them back. I am using bright polkadot paper in a variety of colors.  They are editable so if you have an accurate class list their names can be included!

Another idea I like to use is the Scavenger Hunt.
Here is a sample of mine and  editable freebies for you.
Take your pick...Find

For the photo booth I created a simple frame made from 4 rulers.
I can't wait to take a photo with the frame and one without.
Their pictures will soon greet them on our Class Photo Bulletin Board.

Another item I find especially helpful for my families is the handbook I prepare for each of them.
It provides for parents classroom information they can keep at their fingertips.
Survival Tips
How Parents Can Help
Contact Information
District Calendar
Classroom Rules
Behavior Plan
This is free and editable on my TpT site: Find
Before the beginning of the year and Open House I always like to send a note to the children welcoming them.  Here is a sample of mine and an editable page for you!  Find

These few simple tools may help you enjoy your kiddos and their families at Open House if it is held before school starts.


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