Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Creative Crafts for the Classroom!

I love keeping one bulletin board in my room for monthly themes.
These crafts were designed to decorate this board using a catchy title.
Many of these come from packets you may have purchased.
The kiddos are always so proud to see their work displayed and I always get a giggle out of the differences in creative talents.  Cutting, gluing pieces in the correct spot, and putting on finishing touches.
Some have heads where bodies should be, glue on everything but the project, and cutting that looks like the scissors may not have had a sharp edge.
I actually have a few of the masterpieces that I saved and framed for my three boys as they grew.
Parents love it when these items come home and I guaruntee if you visited the home they just might be hanging on the refridgerator.
So here it is!
Here they are with a closer look...


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