Friday, August 7, 2015

New Literature...Those Pesky Rabbits!

I am absolutely in love with this new story written by Ciara Frood.
The pictures are absolutely delightful and the story captures your attention.
Bear lives on his own in the middle of nowhere and he likes it just that way.
But one day a family of rabbits builds a home right next to his.
And those Pesky Rabbits continue to come knocking on his door asking for things.
He is annoyed and requests that they LEAVE HIM ALONE!
But there is a twist at the end of the story as the Pesky Rabbits leave a note and a basket on Bear's porch.
It will warm your heart just as it did Bears.  He decides he might be lonely and heads over to make friends with the Pesky Rabbits.
So many beneficial educational topics...vocabulary(pesky, annoyed, lonely, swap), friendship, and as the story takes place the illustrations portray a change of seasons.  
You will love it!
Your class will love it!!
To accompany it I completed a packet that will fill an entire day if you wish.
I love the simple craft topper that accompanies this packet.

There is also a freebie for you!!
I am also very impressed with Ciara's Website.
It has a number of activities for your kiddos.


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