Monday, August 3, 2015

First Day Froggy Theme!

This Froggy packet is perfect for your first day!
It is designed around the story: Froggy Goes to School.
It is one of my favorite and the children will giggle and relate to the experiences Froggy has on his first day of school.
The packet includes lesson plans for how to use this packet on the first day.
There is a morning eye opener.
Name Tags
Our names, how we get to school, math game, ABC order, compare and contrast our day to Froggy's, story recall, a word search, a craft, and beautiful vocabulary cards with pictures.
My favorite part of the packet is the school scavenger hunt with Froggy.
It is the perfect way to walk your kiddos around the school.
Search Froggy snacks for cute ideas and get a parent to volunteer to make the treat.

You gotta love this Froggy craft for decorating the room.
Run on construction paper and then simple for kiddos to cut and paste.

The scavenger hunt is fun for a tour of the school.

Check out these neat frog treats I found on Pinterest!


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