Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Oh where, Oh where have I been?

Hi everyone!  The past two weeks have been WILD for me.  I have officially moved from my home of 25 years and am now officially a LAKE GIRL.  There is just one slight problem...the new home I was suppose to move into is NOT DONE so that means storage and renting a TINY TINY house.  Oh well, I am still smiling and have missed blogging with you.  But guess what...I AM BACK!
I took a little time each day to update some OUTSTANDING topics for September and the beginning of October.
The first to come is Grandparents Day!
My packet includes these two delightful story and the suggestion of others.
I am including my family packet as well because Grandparents Day is the perfect lead into a unit on the family!!

Next we move to Johnny Appleseed who celebrates a birthday in September.  
This includes an adorable craft and writing/picture topper.  It is filled with writing, reading, word work and literacy activities.  The vocabulary cards are perfect for posting!! 90 pages.

Early in October we visit Christopher Columbus and learn the true story!
In 1492 what happened?  Why was his discovery important?
The craft that accompanies this is simple and fun to make as we watch the ship sale around the world.
Again the packet is filled with reading suggestions, vocabulary cards, a craft and...writing, word work and a bit of mathematics!!

The final packet I am going to cover today is Fire Safety with is also covered the first of October.
This comprehensive packet is filled with poetry, reading, writing, mathematics, and word work.
I love the writing/picture topper and it features one of my favorite stories No Dragons for Tea.
What a delightful twist on fire safety.  Don't have the book...Not to worry...Check out this link...
I do not doubt for a minute that after you listen to the story you will purchase it for your library!

Hope this has helped you to do some advance planning.


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