Friday, March 4, 2016

A Rainforest Adventure!

This is always an exciting unit with my class.  They love learning about the life in the rainforest as well as why the rainforest is so important to our ecosystem.  
While working on this lesson we decorate our room with these three delightful crafts.
I also fill the room with the vocabulary cards and books related to the Rainforest.

The packet has three mini books for students filled with informational text.
Topics are:
The Rainforest
Life in the Rainforest
The Layers of the Rainforest
I love these books because students can color, read and read, and use them for research.
Each book is then followed by graphic organizers for recording information.
The literature suggestions are followed by:
Cause and Effect 
Word Study
Author's Purpose
Story Elements
and more!

The Word Work includes:
ABC Order
Word Searches
Word Study
Making Words
Unscramble Words
My favorite writing activity is a class book to include all the student's research.
For putting facts to memory there are two delightful games with game boards and cards with questions.


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