Saturday, March 5, 2016

April Picks!

 As I look out my window April and Spring seem forever away!  Snow, sleet, and ice all around but I really can't complain because overall it was a mild winter and construction on my house was possible.
But flipping the coin as an educator I feel like I need to be getting ready for my next month's plans!
So as I pull things together I hope these suggestions are helpful for you and something you may be looking for.

Right off the get go we meet!!!
You will LOVE this packet.
Delightful literature and activities based on curriculum.

We do a weekly poem and the class loves them!

Daily I do a Calendar Activity.  This packet has a math review, page for temperature, charting weather, and writing the date.  Your class will enjoy it!
Then we have my "go to" packets.  Print and go for anytime and yet created using April themes.
They are $1 each and in my opinion worth it.

To enhance comprehension and writing I developed these two packets.  Each is presented using April themed Literature.  The writing activities are my all time favorites.  

Then we can't forget special events in April such as Earth Day!
This packet is jammed packed with Reading Suggestions, Writing, Word Work, and Activities!

Two of my favorite "chick" activities!!
Both of these could fill an entire day!
Possible sub suggestion.
Craft, Vocabulary, Word Work, Story, Comprehension, Math and more!!

And you can't celebrate Spring without these!!
New life, springtime, informational text and more!!

So bring on April and bring on Spring!!


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