Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Three Little Pigs

 I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll BLOW your house down!!
We all remember this classic story and no matter how many times you hear it you continue to enjoy.
So will your students.
Only with this packet you'll get more than the Three Little Pigs.
You'll get...
The Three Little Dassies
The Three Little Javelinas
Other pictures of the big...BAD??...wolf!
Look at these cute crafts to decorate your room with and the colorful vocabulary for posting.

There is a mini book with the story of the Three Little Pigs and activity pages to follow.
Kiddos will enjoy creating a 4th Little Pig.

The packet provides lots of opportunity for comparing and contrasting as well as working with vocabulary.

As a bonus there is a mini book about pigs.
Get the TRUE FACTS about pigs and then write your opinion about whether a pig would make a good pet.

There a book covers for class books and graphic organizers preparing student's thoughts for writing.
There is a data collection page and a WANTED.

And for checking this out...A FREEBIE!!


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