Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Off to Sea...Balanced Literacy and a Freebie!

I like to begin with...
Perfect for pre assessing what your class knows.
And the making phonics connections with ee and ea.
There is an activity for your literacy center as well as independent practice.
Also included is Parts of Speech using ee and ea words.
Once the stage is set we move into taking a close look at...
Shark,  Dolphin,   Whale,   Sea Turtle,   and Octopus.
Each individual animal has...
Mini book filled with informational text
Reading for Detail
Word Work activities related to the informational text
Writing...narrative, opinion, informative
In order to save space here is the sample for the shark.
Each topic also includes suggested literature and then activities that focus on comprehension.
There are crafts as well with this packet.

And loads of vocabulary cards for posting.
The packet ends with activities from...
The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell
A class book writing activity related to the story...
Ocean Commotion

Your class will love this!


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