Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy Easter All!!

Here is a little Happy Easter from me to you FREEBIE!!
This has a story, comprehension activities, word work, writing, math game, and a craft.
Perfect for a full day of activities all from one story!!

And while you are picking it up check out some other "Easter" goodies.

In peeking for some cute ideas I found these adorable ideas for classroom treats.  
For those who do not celebrate Easter you can put Happy Spring!! 
Both cute and inexpensive. 
There are free patterns on the site.

And I am so going to do this!!
In the video they suggest double sided tape.  Glue sticks worked perfect for me!
I also did not put the rubber band on...I just tied the bow.
I had the ears traced for the kids ahead of time to cut and had the pink ear run on paper for them to just cut.  It was really simple.  I demonstrated and they followed along.
I had parents sent in WRAPPED  candy and we added our treats to the bags.
Thank you KidPep for the great idea!!


  1. You are welcome Tina Boley!!
    I am so happy someone commented.