Tuesday, March 15, 2016

You must have been a beautiful baby!!

With Spring and all the new birth and growth going on I LOVE to The kiddos so enjoy sharing baby pictures and getting letters from their parents.  Let's take a look at what is included.

I begin the mini unit sending a note home to parents explaining our unit and asking for a baby picture and current picture.
As the pictures come in they are posted with NO NAME!!
The kiddos then guess who is who???
When that is complete we put the "me now" up so the class can correct their own work.
Then we read the notes from parents about what they were like as a baby.
We then write and prepare a class baby book.
This is followed by and EGGperiment.
Students are given a hard boiled egg and asked to take care of it.
I send it home but you can just take it a class day experiment.
They make a birth certificate and the write about what it was like being responsible for something.
Finally we prepare a 'time cube'.
I blow the cube up for more room on 11X18 paper.

There are several suggested readings.
Each reading has comprehension activities to accompany it.

Vocabulary cards are available for posting as well as word work.

And check out the cute craft!!
Patterns are included.