Saturday, February 27, 2016

Grandparents' Day

The first of September is always fun for celebrating Grandparents Day.
For me it was an opportunity for Grandparents to visit our classroom and also for the students to see changes that have taken place over time.
The packet includes a note to (parents)Grandparents inviting them to lunch.
An activity to complete with Grandparents with they arrive. (Classroom then/now)
Awards...Who traveled the farthest?  Who has the most Grandchildren?  Who attended this school?
There is also a delightful craft "hug" that students will present to their Grandparents with "hugs and kisses".  If Grandparents can not attend others may join the child.

I love the writing activities.
One of them includes interviewing Grandma or Grandpa.
There is colorful vocabulary for posting.

Development of vocabulary is done through word work.

There are activities to accompany How To Babysit Grandma/Grandpa.

You will love it!!
There is an entire days worth of activities your class will love as well as the Grandparents.
Interviews, booklets, poems, graphic organizers, word work, crafts and so much more.
The suggested literature is recent and so cute.  Your kiddos will really relate.

And the suggestion for the craft and treat are sure to delight!!

What a wonderful lunch we had with Grandparents today.
Prizes were given for...
Who came the farthest ($5 gas card)
Who has the most grandchildren (Picture frame)
Who is the "most mature" (candle)
Then we ended with my favorite song.
Click here to listen...I think you are wonderful...
Just a perfect lunch was had by all.
Tomorrow we are off to "communities and neighborhoods".
Hope you'll continue to follow us.


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