Friday, February 12, 2016

Spring needs to SPRING!!

I know those of you in warmer areas are not as anxious as me but I am ready for SPRING!!
So to put me in the spirit I updated and revised a couple of my favorite Spring items.

Jelly Beans and More has over 100 pages of Springtime activities related to reading, writing, word work and mathematics.  It will enhance your curriculum through March and April.  The activities are also perfect for you Literacy and Math Centers as well as ones that will decorate your room for the season!

Here are four examples of activities taken from the story Last On In is a Rotten Egg  by Diane deGroat. The other stories include other comprehension strategies such as Cause and Effect,  Authors Purpose, Predicting, Sensory and more!!
Word Work covers phonics as well as grammar.  The activities are perfect for your Literacy Centers.

Writing relates to Opinion, Narrative, and Informative.  There are prewriting and final writing pages.

To enhance reading for detail and encourage ideas for writing there is informational text on Spring.

And for your math there are several Springtime games promoting addition and subtraction as well as counting.
And we can't forget our Jellybean Data Collection Section!!

These are just a few of the many activities available for you to use in this packet.

Next I want to share this adorable story.

The activities are related to the curriculum and can be used in centers after reading or as a day with Duck which is what I like to do.  Here are a few samples.
We spent a Friday with this packet and ended with some "Peeps"!!

And all of these fit perfect with this informational text packet.

Here are two final Spring stories I just love!!

I especially love the craft!!

And an Old Lady Favorite!!


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