Sunday, February 21, 2016

An Earth Day Celebration!

Earth Day is an exciting time in the classroom.  
Your class will have  real life experiences as well as lots of useful suggestions to share.
Last year we made compost and I intend to do it again this year.  You do need a little preplanning.  Plastic shoe containers, shredded newspaper, and other compost items.  (egg shells, coffee grounds) Check out this article...Do the "rot" thing.
The reason it takes preplanning is you want to do it ahead of time so you can plant your seeds to grow.
The other project for this time of year is the "paper making" earth.
Tear up blue and green paper into tiny pieces.
If you have a scrap box tear from there.

Put the pieces in an old blender and blend it up. Add enough water to make a paste with the paper.
It takes about one cup of paper for each paper earth.
Mix the blue and green in separate blenders.

We then used round plastic reused container lids that the kiddos brought it.
Pour the blue in first then add drops of green for the land.
Using newspaper (again reused) we blotted the mixture in the lid until most of the water was out.
Tip your lid over onto wax paper so it doesn't stick when dry.

You will have a round paper earth.
These pictures came from this article which is also good.
(Forgot to take photos!!)

In either of these crafts the kiddos could hold their paper earth.
Or use a marker to print...Earth Day!

As we start the packet check out these cute crafts for posting.

There are 12 colorful vocabulary cards for posting and word work.
ABC Order, Making Words, Word Search

Informational text is included.  One form is a single page and the other is a mini book with 10 pages.

I like putting the pages together and making an Earth Day booklet.
Activities included: planting a tree, recycling, litter, conservation and more.

There is a song...Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and an activity sheet to accompany it.
We also have fun with eating a "trash free" lunch together.
A note to parents is included as well as a follow up activity.

Here is a sample of the persuasive writing (leveled paper not shown) and a BINGO game to reinforce vocabulary and their definitions.

The packet includes a number of literature suggestions and activities to accompany them.


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