Monday, February 15, 2016

Cornelius...What to love!

Today I hope to share a look at the activities under  Cornelius.
His section contains an activity to identify how Cornelius felt during different parts of the story.  There is also a summary page with Somebody, Wanted, But, So.
That is followed by the Author's Purpose.  Word Work is helping students define the word annoyed.
The math game is a subtraction partner game with a record keeping page for assessment. It ends with a wonderful activity that would fit with Cornelius or the Extraordinary Egg.  Students write clues about themselves and place them in the plastic eggs.  The eggs are drawn and students read the clues to the class of the egg they drew one at a time.  Can the class GUESS who this special student is?
The crafts are for writing about the story or the character.
More on that later.
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