Wednesday, February 10, 2016

March Picks!

NO CUTTING.  Print, Fold, Read!!

Print and Go!!

Perfect for CAFE.
Strategies for posting.  Stories and skills fit directly to standards.


 Perfect for Writing Center as well as Bulletin Board.

 One more genre for reading and developing comprehension strategies.

 Ideal for daily calendar review, weather, data collecting, temperature comparisons and a math review.

Close to 400 Buyer Ratings.  I think you will love it!
Could take you through all of March if you wished.

So many to choose from.  
A complete literacy pack.  
Guided Reading, Word Work, Writing and a Craft or two.

A packet for each area...literacy, word work, math.
Ideal for Math Centers.
Included in bundle above.

What a way to Start your day!!
Included in the bundle above.
A literacy favorite.
Found in bundle.

Perfect for compare and contrast and relating text to self.
Found in bundle.

Here are three other amazing packets for Spring.

Hope these suggestions spark ideas for you.
They will definitely support and enhance your curriculum!


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