Friday, February 19, 2016

Laura Numeroff Bundle

I have done and redone this packet so many time BUT I think I finally have what I am looking for and what you will LOVE!
It includes these stories:

Each Packet includes word work, colorful vocabulary cards with pictures, writing, comprehension activities, math activities,  and so much more!

I also included this time labels for cookies, muffins, and a cupcake because I DO make these with the kiddos as well as pancakes and donuts.
Cookies made with rolled dough.  I give students a piece.  They divide it into thirds!! Add M&M's.
Bake.  (We are lucky and have an oven at school.)

Pancakes...NO PROBLEM.  Have a griddle, Bisquick, milk, cup, spoon.
Stir and make.  Fun to add their own toppings.  (Syrup, butter, whip cream)

Yep donuts too!
I use my electric frying pan.  Put oil in it and heat it up.
Each child gets a biscuit.  Poke a hole in the middle.  
Fry and flip!
Shake in powder sugar, cinnamon sugar, or frost it!
The children will LOVE them.

There is also a READ ALL ABOUT IT with Laura Numeroff for your author study.
The bundle is your best bet BUT Yes they are all available individually!

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  1. What an awesome bundle. It is in my cart!! Thank you!