Sunday, May 22, 2016

All About Me!

 At the beginning of every year I love finding out as much as possible about my students.
I want them to feel SPECIAL and appreciated.
Students of all ages love sharing about themselves.

One way is to have a student of the week.
I have a backpack with the parent note and the All About sheet for them to fill out.
They are also asked to bring in 3 things that fit in the backpack that tell about them.
After they have presented I put their information sheet in our class book.
This is kept in a special spot where all can see.

 For more rapid information I love the pennant.
I even prepare one for me!
One year I put them on lockers and another year I hung them as a banner across the front of the room.
You can run them on colored paper if you want more "bling"!
For Open House I have these pennants waiting for each student.
The come in 4 different colors.  
Finally I put my picture in this ruler frame for posting in my room.

It is a terrific way to get the school year off to a great start.


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