Saturday, May 7, 2016

End of the year picks!!

The end of the year is near and keeping your classroom under control and your kiddos engaged can be a REAL CHALLENGE.  I absolutely love this packet just for those final few days BUT it is also wonderful for when you want to reward your class for behavior, testing, or whatever the special day may be.  These themed days are fun AND educational.  Let's take a peek!

My Favorite!!!

My next favorite!!

This I use all year long!!!

First we have Friendship Day...the perfect way to say "adios" to all your classmates.
There is a craft, snack idea, friend poster and best of all an interview opportunity for the class to interview and write about their friends ending in a class book.  This packet also has a section on building Friendships not Bullies!

The next packet to review is the Watermelon Packet.  This has wonderful activities for reviewing the year " a melon things"  to bulletin board ideas "a sweet" year.
It also contains informational text, science explorations with watermelon, and math.

This packet has enough activities to last at least three days.  There are games, vocabulary, word work, literature suggestions, a craft and so much more.  I just LOVE ending the year with it.  Grab your beach towel and sunglasses... It is BEACH DAY!!

Who doesn't love ice cream!  Nothing like celebrating with it.
This packet has data collection, a root beer float experiment, craft and more.
There is also a section with informational text and a recipe for making your own ice cream.

Every child loves blowing bubbles.  This packet has observations, literature suggestions, experiments, vocabulary and more.  Your class will "float" with excitement while learning.

We all love popcorn!  Why not spend the day learning more about the history of popcorn, why it pops, and how it grows.  Then tasting is a must with caramel, butter, cheese and more for collecting data.  The crafts are perfect for posting.

Each packet is sold individually as seen or as the complete packet at a big discount.

These kiddos are darling for posting and then the class can write about why this year was a SPLASH!!

First Graders will certainly relate to this but so will every kiddo.

Each of these packets will bring you time to end the year in an enjoyable, educational, meaningful way!!


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