Saturday, May 21, 2016

First Day Jitters...Back to School

 We all feel a little like this on the first day ... along with many other emotions.
Sad...End of Summer
Anxious...Too Much to Do
Worried...Not Ready Yet
Reading this book is the perfect opportunity to share with your class that YES we are excited BUT there are many other emotions rolling around inside of us!

In preparing this packet I provide a craft for the kiddos to make and share some of their feelings about the first day of school.  The boy and girl are adorable writing toppers and super simple to make.  

I also included a cute poem to the similarity of Twas the Night Before Christmas only Twas the Night Before School.  It fits perfectly with the story and another opportunity to share text with your class.
There are also comprehension strategy activities I think you will enjoy and will allow your class to get back into the swing of curriculum.

 There are also opportunities for writing, word work, and a student poster.
Perfect for mounting on construction paper and posting.

And created another label for your kiddos on the first day!


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