Wednesday, May 18, 2016

September Calendar and September Poetry!

These are two activities I am sure to have ready come September.  
I love the calendar.  We use it when we return from lunch.
We begin by putting the date on the calendar and recording any extra events.
The we use the Weather Channel and our Meteorologist for the day helps us record the weather and the temperature.
The journal page is very engaging and provides math experience in a daily way.
We record the date, compare temperatures, report on or weather graphing and then every day there is a mathematics review.  September is all about building number sense.  It is the perfect way to get us ready to begin our afternoon.  As a bonus there are 30 apples for your calendar or for your keeping track of days to 120.  There are also September Vocabulary cards for your writing center.  (I included a preview of October too!

The poetry is another weekly activity.
The students take the bookmark home on Monday with the poem on it.
We work a little at memorizing the poem each day.
On Tuesday we complete the activity page that goes with the poem.
Wednesday the students work in small groups putting the words from the poem in order.  
Thursday we have students volunteer to recite the poem or I call on a table to stand and recite the poem.
The packet comes with a list of the poems to go home, bookmarks for each poem, a page for posting in the classroom, vocabulary and an activity sheet.
This is a great article about why poetry is needed in the classroom!


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