Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mini Books...Just Copy, Fold, Read, Color!

Yep no cutting or collating...Just COPY, FOLD, READ!
Your kiddos can color them, highlight unknown words, highlight key vocabulary, read with a partner, read to a younger student, read to a parent or sibling, and write about the topic after. They can read, reread, and take them home to make their own library.
Each month comes with a calendar and 10 to 12 mini books related to the events for that month.
If you purchase the word searches they go hand in hand with the mini book and the vocabulary is similar.
Here is a sample.  Fold the book in half and then fold it in half again.  If you want to save paper have the kiddos open it when they are done and write a sentence or two about the topic on the back.

Also available in a bundle September thru May.


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