Tuesday, July 12, 2016

ABC's of Successful Teaching...Fluency!

Today I want to take some time to talk about FLUENCY but not only FLUENCY in reading.  I also want to look at what I like to call FLUENCY in mathematics.
Let me clarify.
In my experience students with a strong base of sight words are strong readers.
The same is true in mathematics.  Those with a strong knowledge of facts are strong mathematicians.  

**Make sure books are at or below student level.

Read to a partner!
I like to assign partners and I keep a list and be sure I read with them on a rotating basis.
We choose our books on Monday.  They can bring a book from home if they want.
The only rule is...the book they choose must be one they can read easily.
Sometimes I have to ask them to make another choice.
Better readers can choose a chapter from a book.
Then Thursday we partner read.  

Read with expression and accuracy!
I love this activity.  Use your sight vocabulary list for the week.
Partner up the kiddos and have fun.
You can have them write the words or read them from a  list you have prepared.
If you have less than 8 words have them pick extras to fill the spaces.
If you have more you decide which ones not to include on the list.

Doubles Chant
This is so helpful in memorizing the doubles facts.
We say it each day before calendar.
We follow it with...
Teacher:  I say 6
Students:  We say 4
Teacher:  I say 3
Students:  We say 7

How to Make 10
This game is so helpful in learning the combinations.
I is played like I have who has.
The students must be listening.
Pass out the cards.
Student One:  I have 1.
Student with You need 9 reads their card.
Student Two:  I have 2.
Student with You need 8 reads their card.

You can also play concentration.
Turn all the cards over and put them in 5 rows of 5.
Take turns turning cards over to find a match.
If they match you keep the cards.
The player with the most matches at the end wins!!

Just some FUN ways to increase student FLUENCY!!



  1. I'm definitely using the "Roll the Die" activity for my students next school year! THANK YOU!