Friday, July 1, 2016

Math Bundle...CCSS...Games, Activities, Tools, Vocabulary!

I am so excited about this updated bundle!!
It is filled with a FULL YEAR of games, tools, and activities to support Common Core Standards as well as any math program your school might use.
It is perfect for building math concepts, number sense and strategies.
The tools, games, and activities are ideal for small groups, centers, parent helpers, enrichment and remediation.
Games encourage communication and active partner participation.
The packet covers 16 topics.
Each topic contains I can cards and poster for displaying.
It also includes a Focus Chart for students to "TAKE HOME" and share with parents.
It includes the "big idea" and what skills are being stressed.
The tools include vocabulary cards related to the topic as well as graphic organizers, mats, and tools to help students succeed with the new skills introduced.
Each topic has at least 10 games and activities to support learning.
They are played with partners, small groups, or independently.
These are ideal for parent helpers, centers, "take home" activities to play with families and more!
Here are samples of the topics.


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