Friday, July 15, 2016

ABC's of Teaching...Independence!

One of my goals as an educator has always been to provide strategies and skills to help my students become INDEPENDENT learners.  

Here are examples of what I mean by an INDEPENDENT learner:
  1. Know what they need to begin the assignment.
  2. Know where to go if they have a question about spelling, information, direction.
  3. Use their thinking skills and problems solving skills to answer a question before asking for help.
  4. Know how to use the "tools" provided to help them answer their own question.
  5. Try to help themselves first before asking for help.

Here are examples of what I do as an educator to support their development.
  1. Provide tools necessary to aid in solving the problems.  (mini dictionary, number line, number grid, alphabet, models, visuals, text)
  2. Avoid giving the student the answer when they ask for help but instead pose a question that might lead them to their own conclusion.
  3. Provide modeling before they begin to work.
  4. Provide pre planning and clear and concise directions.
  5. Provide activities they can succeed at in the beginning to build confidence and have experiences gradually grow in difficulty.
By helping students develop the skill of INDEPENDENCE we are providing them with a valuable tool and one that will also become a life skill!
I like to use this with kiddos as a they write their thoughts first, we hold a class discussion.
Remember don't always give the child the answer...lead them to where they might find that answer.
Here is the packet for you with the tools.


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