Monday, July 18, 2016

ABC's of Successful Teaching...Never Omit Planning!

Why that's not something I would do!!!
I guarantee even the best of us has not done our best at planning for a unit or a day or a week and afterwards realized the IMPORTANCE OF PLANNING!
When we don't plan ahead...
  • We do not provide the best experience possible for our students
  • The class is usually not engaged and therefore disruptive
  • Time seems to drag on forever
Each of us has our own way to plan and I agree we should use what works for us.
In my planning I like to :
  1. Be well aware of what I am responsible for teaching that year (standards, district incentives, state directives) and print them up.
  2. Lay out your plans for the whole YEAR (vacations, special events, seasons).  Using those set Big Goals and Time Lines.
  3. Lay out your  plans for the MONTH.  Look at your time line and begin to narrow down specific Goals and Lessons.
  4. Lay out your plans for the WEEK.  What will you teach?
  5. Lay out your plans for the DAY.  Specifics
I know this seems like a lot but I firmly believe unless all of these Time Lines, Goals, and Specific Lessons are in line you will be setting yourself up for FRUSTRATION.
This is one way I try to stay organized and on top of things.
I am making it a FREEBIE for YOU for the next two weeks.
Here is another packet that will help you get organized and ahead of the game!


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