Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Icebreakers for the New School Year!

These are perfect for those first few weeks of school when you are building a CLASS COMMUNITY!
Getting to know and appreciate everyone builds a comfort level, respect for one another, and I think even motivates students to learn!!
My favorites are the games.  They are perfect for small groups or partners.
Think about even using them in your reading or math groups in the beginning.

The "cootie catcher" is a favorite of the kiddos.
They love using it at recess and free times.
Using the writing, which is differentiated, you can prepare a class book.
Add a student picture and set it out for the class to read.

These activities are more whole group and so much fun.
They are not intimidating and the class loves participating.

This article is a PERFECT read.
It addresses the "failure" some icebreakers set up for students.
It also has some wonderful ideas...may have to be tweaked for primary!


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