Saturday, October 8, 2016

Favorite Bear Stories for Fall and Winter

This packet contains three of my all time favorite "bear" stories:
Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson
Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming

Bear Has A Story to Tell by Phillip Stead 

The basic themes are that of Let's Get Ready For Winter!!

Each story and the activities lead into a study of hibernation, migration, and signs of winter.
So cute...Look for story elements, matching animal to its needs, what does bear hear, see, smell when he wakes and comparing this story to another favorite ...The Mitten.

Check out the craft...bear sleeping in his cave.
There is also an interactive mini book for each student using details from the story.

Here you will find a simple cut and flip book for students to read, sequencing, recognizing signs of winter and making words with the letters from hibernation.

The "page topper is my favorite.  The writing is...It's time for bear to sleep when...

The final story again focuses on getting ready for winter.  Your kiddos will love the "character chat" about bear.  There also is a new idea of a scenery review looking at the changes in scenery that let us know the season.

And check out the cute cupcakes.  Wouldn't you class love making them.
Not shown here: 2 word searches and an ABC Order.


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