Monday, October 10, 2016

November Calendar and Interactive Pages

I use this packet each day after lunch.
It gathers us back together, warms up the "brain" and provides for numerous activities to connect mathematics to daily activities.

What is the date?
Meteorologist what is our weather and temperature today?
Let's graph the weather and chart our temperature.

On the journal page we write the, month, date, year.
We rewrite the temperature and chart the weather.
We record how many days we have been coming to school?
How many days to 100?
Is it warmer today or colder than yesterday?  How many degrees?
We then record the tens, ones, how to write the number, odd or even.
Each page ends with math practice.
This month there are story problems.

The packet also includes vocabulary for your writing center, number cards for counting to 120 or your calendar and an anchor chart with vocabulary for the month.


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