Monday, October 10, 2016

It Is Turkey Time!

November is "turkey time" and this packet will provide you with informative and fun filled activities for your classroom and students.

There are two crafts.  One is a "sitting turkey" for a ledge or desk.
The other is a writing page for posting.  Cute turkey pattern to put on writing page.
And then of course the vocabulary for posting.

The math focuses on subtraction and addition using 2 dice.
Turkey Time fits with the literater piece...the night before Thanksgiving and Turkey Time focuses on the poem...A Turkey.

This packet is filled with informational text about a turkey.
It is a perfect time for helping students focus on this bird and its life cycle.
There are also pages included for writing not shown here.
There are three life cycle activities...the final focuses on sequencing.

The packet includes a good balance of literacy by including writing and word work.
Definitions are key here as the informational text is filled with words that may be new to the students.

Keeping in line with the CCSS literature is also included along with comprehension pages.


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