Monday, October 3, 2016

Native Americans

This unit offers a number of activities to teach the primary child about life with the Native Americans and how they depended on the land and the climate where they lived to survive.

Each group has informational text sharing with students about where in the USA the group lived, what their houses were like, what they ate, and how they dressed.

They also have graphic organizers for collecting information and true/false for assessment.

There is also a class book cover for writing pages for each student.
I also have included a piece of literature that shares about the culture of each group.
Indian Paintbrush
The First Strawberries
Why the Stars Fell From the Sky

There is word work in the form of word search, ABC Order, Singular and Plural as well as parts of speech.

The packet ends with activities such as the definition of tribe and comparing it to todays neighborhood, picture writing, matching objects to the group and dress.

The craft includes two adorable Native Americans.
Colorful vocabulary is also included.



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