Monday, October 3, 2016

The First Thanksgiving

This packet is ideal to informing your class about the history behind the "First Thanksgiving" and information about the Colonial and Native Americans.

There is a mini book filled with informational text.
The sequence page helps the students understand the sequencing of events.
Reading for Detail is a good form of assessment..

The Native and Colonial Americans are compared and contrasted in the mini book filled with informational text.
There are then pages for your class to compare themselves to each of the groups.
It is followed by a data collection on which group the children would rather belong to.

There is plenty of word work for building vocabulary.

There is a class book for students to write along with a graphic organizer for them to put their thoughts together.
This on is on the First Thanksgiving.  There is another on I am thankful for with a different graphic organizer.

The students will have an opportunity to write and gather their thoughts about the children of each group.

There are four page toppers for a writing page, literature suggestions, and vocabulary.


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