Monday, September 18, 2017

Fall is apples and Johnny Appleseed!

And to me fall is Johnny Appleseed and apples!
This adorable packet is filled with activities to support this topic.

 Look at this adorable Johnny Appleseed craft!
Using only the head it can be a "page topper" to highlight writing.

Learn all about John Chapman and create a poster about him.

There are mini booklets for informational text.
One on Johnny Appleseed, one on apples, and one on the poem Way Up High.
Each is followed by numerous activities to promote comprehension.

I love this story about the little red house.
Your children will love listening to it and then sharing what they discovered.

This poem is so cute.
What was in the apple tree?
What color was it?
What happened?
Great for developing simple recall.

For the writing center there are vocabulary cards for posting as well as a master list.

The writing section is filled with differentiated writing activities.
Final writes are designed for all level of writers.

There are also activities for your word work centers or small/whole group activities.
A few are shown above.

Science activities include activities experimenting with apples.
Will they sink or float???

Math activities are also included.


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