Friday, September 29, 2017

Owls...Teaching primary students to use informational text!

 An owl themed packet using informational text.
Ideal for encouraging the development of comprehension strategies using realistic text and informational text.
Understanding vocabulary is KEY to understanding the concepts so there are vocabulary cards for posting.
There is also a cute owl craft.
Make a tree and add these to it for "Look Who's Reading" or "Writing is a hoot!" 

There is a mini book filled with information about the life cycle of an owl and facts about how an owl survives.  These can be used for guided reading or independent fact gathering.
Students can highlight key concepts in the booklet.

Using realistic fiction...Owl Babies...students will look at character personality and sequencing.

They will identify parts of the story and make predictions.

Using these two Informational Texts or the mini books provided there are activities for gathering details about owls.

These graphic organizers are ideal for recording key details.
There is also a class book cover for sharing students final reports.

Here are ideas for word work...definitions, making words, parts of speech and syllables.

Finally the packet ends with two differentiated math games for your math center or lesson.


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