Thursday, September 28, 2017

Let's Write...October!

This packet is perfect for growing student writing skills.
It is filled with grammar as well as literature to stimulate ideas.
These are followed by pre writing activities for idea gathering, first copy writes, and then a journal for preparing published writing.
The four topics covered are:
Fire Safety
Christopher Columbus
Here you see the covers for the October Workbook where all skills and first copy writes take place as well as the cover for the monthly Journal where all final writes are placed.
This is ideal for sending home monthly.
Parents can watch their child's writing improve!!

Each story comes with a lesson plan, suggested literature piece, grammar skill and practice for grammar.  I encourage the grammar be correct in the writing.

Next three choices are available for gathering ideas and thoughts for writing.
Self correct ideas are provided.
These are followed by the final write pages which go in the student Journal.

Finally there are levels pages for final writes.


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