Friday, September 29, 2017

Spiders and Bats BEWARE!

Bats and Spiders BEWARE!!
With the Halloween spirit in the air it's the perfect time to use informational text to explore Bats and Spiders.

There are 12 vocabulary cards for posting as well as activities for making words with nocturnal and arachnid. Understanding key words is important in understanding informational text.

Mini books are available for informational text.  These can be used for guided reading or gathering details.
There are also graphic organizers for collecting details as well as practice in reading for detail.

These pages focus on helping the students prepare writing for their research topic.

There are three styles of writing.
Opinion, informational, and personification.

To enhance your study there is data collection, patterns, and key words for definitions and syllables.

Look at the adorable crafts for decorating a bulletin board or classroom wall.


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