Tuesday, September 26, 2017

From Seed to Jack-O-Lantern

It's a marvelous journey from a tiny pumpkin seed to a smiling, shining Jack-o-lantern and your class will LOVE learning all about it!

Make these adorable pumpkins to decorate a bulletin board or a hallway.

After reading about the life cycle of a pumpkin students will think about the pumpkin they will choose.

Using adjectives students will describe their pumpkin.

Nouns and verbs are also highlighted as kiddos look at parts of speech.

Now with all the three parts of speech reviewed activities are provided for students to write and use accurate punctuation.

Activities include the life cycle of a pumpkin, facts about pumpkins and writing about the life cycle.

This adorable poem is perfect for guided reading and then identifying key vocabulary and details.

There is a mini book filled with informational text.

Math includes number stories, patterns, and data collection.

Literature is suggested and then activities to accompany each story.


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