Thursday, September 28, 2017

Who WAS Christopher Columbus?

Who WAS Christopher Columbus?
Did he really discover America?
Does your class know?
This packet is perfect for sharing his story.
He may not have discovered America but he was an explorer who provided us information.

The craft is a ship sailing around the world.
Your class will love it!
There are also vocabulary cards for posting.

This poem is for posting and for your class to read.

There is a mini book filled with informational text, a time line, and a poster to create on Christopher Columbus.

Scoot is the perfect assessment game.  Move and Assess with a partner!

For word work there is an ABC order, word search, making words, and an exploration on the definition of explorer.

Writing is informational with a cover for a class book.

This activity is called Where in the world?
Children explain things found in today's world to Christopher Columbus.
How would you tell Christopher Columbus what a cell phone is?


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