Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Election Day...November 7th!

This packet is all about helping the primary student understand voting and the elections.
It talks about the presidential elections as well as a basic election where officials and issues are on the ballot.

Vocabulary and informational text are included.

There is a section on the "road" to the White House.

Word Work is included with ABC order, a word search and a Let's Make Words.

Students can reflect on whether they would or would NOT make a good president.
Vote and Write

Using the text and details they have learned students will write.
Not shown is the book cover and writing pages for final writes.

During the regular election years students will learn about elections and why the need to VOTE.

There are word work and writing activities.

There  is a graphic organizer and final write activities.

Activities are included to accompany  My Teacher for President.

I also LOVE the activities to support the story Duck for President.
What wonderful lessons to be learned in this piece of literature.

End with actually voting and preparing a class graph.


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